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Who We Are

     The Comedy Takeover is an Orlando based comedy show brought to you by Lae' Noj Entertainment and One United Productions. Partnering with the best comedic talent has allowed us to create impactful comedy shows full of entertainment and laughs. We have brought some of the greatest names in comedy such as Joe Tory, Damon Williams, and Mark Viera just to name a few. We are excited for our upcoming shows and hope to meet you there!

Upcoming Shows

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Happiness Over Everything

Saturday October 8, 2022



     The Comedy Takeover reaches thousands of people everyday through our large media connections on radio, television presence, and website traffic. We pride ourselves on our ability to share these connections with our partners and build communities through laughter. Find out how you can become a certified partner today.


Tune In

CEO Joneal Brunner goes live on AFRO TV to reveal some behind the scenes information about the comedy industry. This episode of Funny Not Famous starring James Yon will air October 8, 2022 at 9|8c.

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